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FX Secret EA - Hard days

FX Secret EA - Hard days


Forex Robot (Live) Results of one week - table - review

BestEARobots.com Forex Robot (Live) Results of one week:

Forex Robotron - No Trading !
forex robotron review
- Last trade: 21.05.2018 Why? / I sent a letter/
- "Moving to another broker, please be patient. I will update you as soon as I have news"

21.05.201826.05.2018DrawdownProfit/ Week
Forex RobotronNo trade0000,00%
XXL Forex Real ProfitBest456499-829,42%
Wall Street EvolutionGood1035106002.4%
Happy GoldVery Low23164423203600.16%
EOS Forex EAData Error0000,00%
Best Scalper Loss676966320Loss (2%)
FX Shutter Stock EAGood1692175803,90%
Happy NewsNo Profit3757375700,00%
Forex Cyborg RobotLoss46814483-302Loss (4,2%)
AQUA Forex TradingNew12001290-34,047,50%
XXL Forex Real Profit is really good and you can make much profit with it just like us and many other traders who have used it.
  • 100% Automated
  • Trading Solution
  • Max 100 clients
This means that you get not only the best system today, but the best system going forward too.The results are very impressive and show gains.The draw down is acceptable and the equity curve on a consistent incline upwards.
xxl forex real profit
XXL Forex Real Profit is designed to maximize your earnings. It is one of the most sophisticated Forex Signals on the market today. The team of engineers are constantly monitoring the performance of this trading system to make sure that it is optimized for you... read more
Account Result:
xxl result

EOS Forex EA - I wrote a letter. FXBlue Data update...

Stabilis Lucra EA - Chinese Forex EXPO 2016 - Best? Sure?
Very Low Real Profit
- Not recommended
stabilis lucra ea

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Stabilis Lucra EA Review

Stabilis Lucra EA Review – Chinese Forex EXPO 2016 - Best? Sure? - New forex ea - live account - low profit. https://bestearobots.com/EN/Stabilis-Lucra-EA

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safe ea - live account

Make money online, with live forex trading! Safe Forex Robot. Fully Automated Trading. Works well ! Please share. (thanks) FX Shutter Stock EA Review: https://bestearobots.com/EN/FX-Shutter-Stock-EA

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Best Scalper Skype - big stop /citation in text/

Best Scalper Skype - big stop /citation in text/

"...regarding big loss, that is GBPUSD raise up so unexceptable, and dont go down again.
so the BS reach to SL, that is protect invesment to avoid loss more.
dont worry , it will get return soon and coming back ASAP.
you can see the history on BS, 4 years more, and it is still work stable. it is trustable stratagy. believe me"

Best Scalper review: https://bestearobots.com/EN/Best-Scalper

Forex Robot (Live) Results of one week

Forex Robot (Live) Results of one week: Forex robotron (1 stop) and XXL Forex Real Profit (very good) and FX Shutter Stock (safe ea) and TSFX and Happy Gold and WS Evo : Good performance (real account).
Big Stop: Best Scalper and EOS and Forex Cyborg Robot (real account).
100% loss Fx Mower.
EA Review + top table here: https://bestearobots.com/EN/Best-expert-advisor-for-mt4
BestForexRobots.com or BestEARobots.com

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